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Abhishek Verma

Critical thinking, strategic planning, economic development, and education trends, these are not just resounding words for Abhishek Verma — they are an innate part of his skillset.

His inherent zeal to solve problems and play with numbers along with being a people’s person compelled him to pursue a career based strictly in the socio-economic sector. Owing to his fervour to bring about an economic change in society, he acquired degrees in both economics and statistics.

Following this, in a career spanning over a decade, Abhishek worked with various prominent enterprises and personalities including his stint with an IAS and IPS officer.

After spending a considerable amount of time assisting various enterprises and solopreneurs in their economic endeavors, Abhishek realized one important thing. That is, while analyzing data, alleviating economic issues, and so on and so forth, are of paramount importance, these are secondary to building a connection with your clients. Above all, the heart of data analysis and financing lies in the way you connect with the people you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them. And these are the main ethos he lives by.

After spending years on end helming such diverse projects and globally, Abhishek has garnered extensive knowledge. All this, coupled with a proficient experience has enabled him to successfully strategise and execute winning solutions for his clients.

Moreover, his interpersonal skills and customer-centric approach goes hand in hand with his decorated position as a National Secretary to the International Human Rights body, New Delhi.

His distinguished, not to say an enviable career is not devoid of equally distinguished awards including an award from the home ministry for his assistance in the Northeast development project and an award from Central vigilance commission.

One thing that stands out the most from his achievements is his inherent drive to pursue a special connecting with his clients and a zeal to help them by gauging their needs correctly.

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